Our family have been involved in the home products industry since the 1980's and This... Design & Living first appeared on the scene in 2003. Our valued relationships with suppliers from India, Vietnam and Indonesia, is one based on mutual respect and teamwork.  Recently, we have established a line of supply with a wonderful fair trade co-operative, located in southern India, that is particularly interested in the fulfillment of the aspirations of female artisans. This organisation specialises in training / support in capacity-building, skill-enhancement and marketing and management aspects - both for the artisan members and their support team in their groups and actively promotes networking, for "Learning by Sharing". This is an exciting and rewarding direction for this... design & living. 

Wall Art Distribution

In 2018 we are diversifying into the distribution of Scandinavian Wall Art.  Our first collection is from Martin Moore from Copenhagen.  We also have another great young artist coming on board from Sweden (more soon).  Through exclusive arrangements with the artists we have the rights to print and distribute in Australia and New Zealand.  We are printing to the strict specifications of the artists ensuring constant high quality and rapid turnaround.  

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